Paramount's WONDER PARK Comes To Life In Magical First Teaser Trailer

Paramount's WONDER PARK Comes To Life In Magical First Teaser Trailer

Paramount's WONDER PARK Comes To Life In Magical First Teaser Trailer

Get ready to discover the magical abandoned amusement park Wonderland in Paramount Animation's upcoming animated film Wonder Park. Check out the first teaser trailer below.

Paramount Animation has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming original animated movie Wonder Park, giving us our first look at the magical lost land that was once a thriving amusement park. The upcoming movie follows a creative young girl named June who discovers the abandoned amusement park Wonderland and helps bring it back to life with her wild imagination.

The teaser is just a glimpse at the magic that awaits when Wonder Park opens on March 15, 2019.

June is a 10-year-old who builds models of amusement parks with her mother. But when her mother falls sick and has to go away for treatment, June packs her models away and loses her sense of wonder. Wonder Park will undoubtedly have some emotional moments as June attempts to rediscover her sense of confidence and imagination. 

Although it’s just a teaser, there’s definitely a magical vibe here. And the style and color of the film are absolutely breathtaking, playing a key role in the film's storytelling. “The biggest challenge in Wonder Park was to achieve a stylized look to a movie that could be considered more realistic. We tried to use conventions of real cinematography but in a stylized world,” Ilion Animation Studios VFX supervisor Javier Romero explained last month at Annecy. Ilion Animation Studios is the animation vendor and co-producer for Wonder Park along with Nickelodeon Movies. 

Talking a bit more about the movie's documentary style, Ilion Animation's Juan Garcia González added about the relationship between June and her mother: “It’s very raw footage of normal people in normal situations."

“We are showing the loving relationship between a mother and a daughter, which is really cool for an animator. Given it’s a montage sequence, we could be very selective building the animation and creating that emotion,”
Ilion Animation Studios director Javier Abad added, referencing an emotional montage that depicts June's mother dealing with her sickness (shown at Annecy).

Wonder Park opens in theaters on March 15, 2019. Be sure to bring some tissues because this seems like it could be an emotional one.
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