Lion Forge Animation's First Short HAIR LOVE To Debut Alongside THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2

Lion Forge Animation's First Short HAIR LOVE To Debut Alongside THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2

Lion Forge Animation's First Short HAIR LOVE To Debut Alongside THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2

Matthew A. Cherry's animated short Hair Love — about a black dad attempting to do his daughter's hair — will premiere in theaters next alongside Sony Pictures Animation's The Angry Birds Movie 2.

In 2017, BlackKlansman executive producer Matthew A. Cherry launched a Kickstarter for the animated short Hair Love, a story about an African American father trying to do his daughters hair for the first time.. The project raised nearly $300,000, helped jumpstart Lion Forge Animation — a studio intended to expand the diversity of creative voices in animation — and was eventually optioned by Sony Pictures Animation.

Next week, Hair Love will make its theatrical debut as it's slated to play in front of Sony Pictures Animation's The Angry Birds Movie 2, which flies into theaters on August 14.

"With Lion Forge Animation, our goal remains in line with what we accomplished in publishing; to showcase a variety of authentic voices and experiences through our work, whether created internally or through partnership with top talent," said Lion Forge’s David Steward II. "Matthew’s vision for this project checked all of these boxes, and is a heartfelt authentic story that rings true to so many in the African American community, especially those of us who are fathers with daughters of our own.”

"As a father of an eight-year-old daughter with 3B hair, I can personally relate so directly to this project, and was therefore drawn to its themes immediately," added Lion Forge chief creative officer Carl Reed. "This film presents such a unique perspective on such a common part of our daily experience, providing a rare onscreen moment for African American parents to connect with. Matthew A. Cherry has given us an uplifting, positive view of black families; and thanks to Sony Pictures Animation running this theatrically, one that we will have an opportunity to share with the world."

In the original Kickstarter, Hair Love was said to be "born out of seeing a lack of representation in mainstream animated projects, and also wanting to promote hair love amongst young men and women of color. "

The synopsis for the five-minute animated short reads:

Hair Love, is a 5 minute animated short film that centers around the relationship between an African-American father, Stephen, his daughter, Zuri and her hair. Despite having long locks, Stephen has been used to his wife doing his daughter's hair, so when she is unavailable right before a big event, Stephen will have to figure it out on his own. This sounds simple enough, but we soon come to find that Zuri's hair has a mind of its own. 

Hair Love will premiere in front of The Angry Birds Movie 2 on August 14.
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