Marvel's What If...?

WHAT IF... THE WORLD LOST ITS MIGHTIEST HEROES?: These Are The Most Likely Candidates For Fury's New Avengers
The third episode of What If...? explored a universe in which the members of Fury's Avengers Initiative were all murdered, leaving him to form a new team of heroes, and here are the most likely candidates.
WHAT IF... T'CHALLA BECAME A STAR-LORD?: Predicting What Would Have Come From The Cancelled Spin-Off Series
The most touching episode of Marvel Studios' first animated series was arguably What If... T'challa Became A Star-Lord and now knowing there were plans for a spin-off series, we explore the possibilities.
WHAT IF... CAPTAIN CARTER WERE THE FIRST AVENGER?: Here's How Captain Carter's Story May Continue In Season 2
Marvel's What If...? kicked off their anthology-adjacent series with a story about Captain Carter that is heavily revisited in the finale and post-credits scene. Here's where the heroine's story could go next.
WHAT IF... THE WATCHER BROKE HIS OATH? Will Re-Visit Killmonger, Captain Carter, Strange Supreme & More
Marketing materials and promotional images have all but spoiled the multiversal team-up in What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath? and now the creatives have name-dropped several of the characters on the team.
WHAT IF... THE WATCHER BROKE HIS OATH?: Episode 9's Title Is Revealed In New Promo For Marvel's Season Finale
With less than 24 hours to go until the Season 1 finale of Marvel Studios first animated series a promo video has officially revealed the title of the episode as What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?
WHAT IF...?: The Absence Of Iron Man On The Season Finale Poster Will Have You Asking Why Is Gamora?
Marvel Studios has finally released the last poster for Season 1 of What If...? and it features a deadly assassin version of Gamora with no signs of the Tony Stark/Iron Man variant her story involves...
WHAT IF...?: Here's How Every Episode Of Marvel Studios First Animated Series Ranks Ahead Of The Season Finale
The Season 1 finale of Marvel's What If...? is set to hit Disney+ in less than a week, and in anticipation, we take a look back at the road so far and rank each episodic outing of the "anthology" series.
WHAT IF... ULTRON WON? Spoiler-Filled Recap And Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In Episode 8
Episode 8 of Marvel's What If...? featured a ton of action and was riddled with Easter Eggs, so we've compiled some of the most thrilling ones in our spoiler-filled recap of What If... Ultron Won? Check it out!
WHAT IF...? Head Writer Teases The Season One Finale As WHAT IF... THE WATCHER MET HIS HEROES?
Every episode of What If...? has been standalone with Uatu the Watcher being the single thread which ties them together, and it has now been teased by the writer that the finale explores him meeting his heroes.
WHAT IF...?: Marvel Studios Promotes Episode 8 With A Poster Featuring Last Week's Villainous Cliffhanger
The multiversal threat set to tie together the episodes of What If...? was revealed last week at the end of What If... Thor Was An Only Child? and now that villain is the center of the episode 8 promo poster!

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