HAZBIN HOTEL Appears To Have Pushed Out Pilot Cast

After basically a year of nothing but hints and nudges, fans finally got some sort of of update surrounding SpindleHorse's Hazbin Hotel cartoon series and it's not quite sweet news.

We're sure you've heard of Vivziepop or at least her creations that are Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. While the latter has remained a YouTube project that's generated a collective 208 million (or 166 million, if you're not counting the pilot) views across its episodes so far, the former is a more complicated one.

Fans have very little idea about how far along the project is. In large part, it probably has to do with NDAs A24 has placed in front of Viv and the crew, after all, she's probably eager to shout from the hills about the development of her ilustrious creation, one that led to A24 swiping up the series to be made into a much more mainstream cartoon, but she's had to be rather hush-hush about it. Now, however, there's a new bit of ire in the community as it seems A24 has pushed out much of the cast.

Multiple actors who have been a part of the project since the beginning have confirmed their departure, including the likes of Michelle Marie as Niffty, the cyclopse demon with a knack for cleaning, Krystal LePorte as Cherri Bomb, the bomastic friend of Angel Dust, Josh Tomar as Tom Trench, the 666 News co-anchor, Elise Lovelock and Gabriel Brown are both stepping out of their singing roles as Charlie and Alastor respectively, and Michael Kovach as Angel Dust, the beloved duggie mobster spider demon who resides as the first patron of the Happy Hotel.

That being said, most of them -- weather it's true or simply not wanting to burn bridges -- do not have any sort of ill-will toward the project, such is the case of Kovach who somewhat debunked that it was due to SAG-affiliation both Gabriel and Michelle are part of the union, yet they weren't asked to reprise their roles.

It's possible the show is taking a different turn as Hazbin Hotel was initially meant to be the "musicial" while Helliuva Boss wasn't, but in the end, HB hasn't had an episode without at least one song, so it's possible A24 wants to axe some of the musicial elements of Hazbin, but it's also kind of a mystery in and of itself on how much of the initial creation from Viv is still part of the show's roots.

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