LOKI Season Finale Reveals What Tara Strong's Animated Clock Character Miss Minutes Has Been Up To (Spoilers)

Although Loki has been confirmed for a second season which is already in production, the finale of Season 1 answered a lot of questions fans had, including the truth behind the animated clock character.

After six episodes of glorious purpose, Loki has finally come to an end... kind of. While Kevin Feige had already alluded to the fact that a second season was happening, the official confirmation in the post-credits scene of the show cemented the return of the Gods of Mischief.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Loki Season One, Episode Six.

For those who haven't been able to catch the season one finale of Loki yet, we highly recommend that you stop what you're doing right now and check it out before we spell it all out for you. Are you all done? Great, here we go.

So, as viewers of the series know, there are numerous outrageous characters and creations in Loki. Possibly the wackiest Marvel Cinematic Universe property so far, the show includes a frog version of Thor, better known to comic book fans as Throg, and Chris Hemsworth actually recorded dialogue for the animal Avenger.

If that wasn't crazy enough, there is also an alligator variant of Loki, three Chuck-E-Cheese resembling androids, real-life mysteries and apocalypses, and of course, a talking animated clock. Of course, Miss Minutes, the cartoon character voiced by Tara Strong, was a big hit from the jump. However, her strange tendencies and sentience made her one of the most intriguing pieces of the puzzle that is the time-traveling mystery shenanigans of Loki.


The big reveal in the final episode is that Jonathan Majors, who has been cast as Kang in Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania, actually appeared in a majority of the episode. Not only that, but he is portraying multiple variants of Kang the Conqueror, including Immortus and He Who Remains.

Who do we find working directly for the Kang variant when Loki and Sylvie enter the castle in the finale? Miss Minutes, of course. Finally revealing that she knows much more than the Gods of Mischief can comprehend, the cartoon clock reveals that she is working directly for the baddie, even name-dropping him as He Who Remains herself.

This confirms all suspicions - and fears - of fans that there is much more than what it seems on the surface when it comes to Miss Minutes, and she's anything but innocent. However, with the way everything changed at the end of the episode, Miss Minutes will likely return and be involved with another Kang in Season 2.

But what do you guys think? Will we learn more about Miss Minutes in Loki Season 2? If you love Miss Minutes, be sure to check out Comic Book Movie's Rohan Patel chat with the legendary Tara Strong herself about voicing the clock below.


ComicBookMovie's Rohan Patel sits down with LOKI actress Tara Strong to talk about her instantly iconic role as the voice of Miss Minutes in the acclaimed Marvel Studios series starring Tom Hiddleston! Plus, we also chat about her possibly getting a chance to play a live-action Harley Quinn!

All episodes of Loki Season One are now streaming on Disney+.

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