LIGHTYEAR: Tim Allen Finally Weighs In On Pixar's TOY STORY Spinoff And Not Voicing The Iconic Space Ranger

Tim Allen, who voiced Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise, has finally weighed in on Pixar's spinoff Lightyear, an origin story about the iconic space ranger.

When Disney first announced the Lightyear movie, many were shocked that Tim Allen would not be returning to voice the titular character. After voicing the iconic space ranger in four Toy Story movies, Pixar opted to cast Chris Evans as the main voice of Buzz in the film -- much to the chagrin of Toy Story purists and Tim Allen fans.

Although it makes sense why Pixar would seek a new voice for the character -- Lightyear is the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, so it's technically a different character -- Evans' casting was still met with confusion and even some disappointment. And even if people did understand that it's about the movie that inspired the toy, there are stlil some who believe Allen should've voiced the character.

Tim Allen had largely remained out of the voice casting debate that has ensued online, but with Lightyear out in theaters he has finally offered his thoughts on the movie. Speaking to Extra, Allen weighed in on the project and his non-involvement with it.

The short answer is I’ve stayed out of this because it has nothing to do [with my character],” Allen told “Extra” about the Pixar spinoff. “This is a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies.”

He revealed that the prospect of a Buzz Lightyear movie came up in the past, and even he acknowledged at the time it would have been a fun movie. As for this iteration of Lightyear, Allen seemed a bit unenthused with it.

He continued, "Really, [Woody voice Tom] Hanks and I, well, there's really no Toy Story Buzz without Woody .... I'm a plot guy. This was done in 1997, it seemed to be a big adventure story and, as I see, it's not a big adventure story. It's a wonderful story, it just doesn't seem to have any connection to the toy."

"It has no relationship to Buzz ... It's just no connection, I wish there was a better connection to it," Allen admitted.

While Allen sounds somewhat disappointed he didn't return to voice the space ranger, it also feels like he understands why Pixar went with Chris Evans. It's technically not Allen's character; it's not the toy. He's the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear, and in his mind that character can't fully exist without Woody by his side.

Like many others, it seems Allen is also disappointed -- and maybe even confused -- about the overall premise of Lightyear. It technically is connected to Toy Story, but maybe not in the way he had originally envisioned years ago. There's no Woody in the movie because Lightyear is a prequel about the movie that inspired the toy. Whether he understands that isn't entirely clear based on the interview, but either way it seems the Lightyear movie isn't connected to Toy Story in the way he'd have liked it to be.

Lightyear has earned just $152 million worldwide and is largely considered to be a box office disappointment, especially by Disney and Pixar standards. 

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