INFINITY TRAIN BOOK TWO: CRACKED REFLECTION Review: The Train Rolls On With New Passengers

We recently shared our review of Infinity Train Book One: The Perennial Child and we enjoyed it so much that we're following up with a review of Infinity Train Book Two: Cracked Reflection! Check it out!

One of the most recent Cartoon Network shows to hit the air is Infinity Train. Created by Owen Dennis, Cartoon Network followed up his success with The Regular Show with this fresh and addictive new series.

We received a review copy from Cartoon Network of Infinity Train Book One: The Perennial Child and shared our thoughts on that two days ago. If you missed it, you can catch up on the events of Season One by clicking here.

As you can tell from our glowing five star review, we were thoroughly impressed with the first season. Having never heard of the series I wasn't expecting to be taken aback by the story and art style of the series. I was quickly reminded never to underestimate the power of imagination through animation.

Season Two is titled Infinity Train Book Two: Cracked Reflection, and for the most part it revolves around different characters than the first season, which initially surprised me but I quickly realized how much more potential there was for this endless train of worlds, and that simply focusing on one passenger would restrict the storytelling possibilities.

For fans of Tulip and her journey in the first season, the good news is that the main character of this season is Mirror Tulip (MT), who was intiially introduced in an episode of Season One when she swapped Tulip spots and helped her escape. Afterwards she stayed out of the mirror and set up her own journey which plays out in Season Two.

Since Mirror Tulip isn't a passenger, the story also revolves around one named Jesse so that the continuous storyline thread can connect through the seasons, slowly explaining more about the passenger process and the curious numbers displayed on their hands. Together, the two team up with a super-powered deer named Alan Dracula that seems to be able to do everything except speak in their journey to find Jesse's exit.

Following the groundwork laid in Season One, Cracked Reflection is also about character growth and learning lessons -- since it is the only way to get off of the train and back to reality. Also from Season One, Atticus, Randall, The Cat, and One-One all make small appearances but for the most part the story is built around new faces.

Newly introduced characters include a gang of miscreant youngsters who purposefully do bad things in order to stay on the train and the mirror police who are on the mission to destroy Mirror Tulip following her escape from her reflective prison. While the first season included numerous worlds in different train cars, this season piles on by adding at least as many new environments.

Cracked Reflection retains a lot of the charm that came with The Perennial Child, solidifying itself as an excellent series able to stand for longer than one season. Despite it being fantastic, however, it isn't quite up to par with the first season, which means this ranks just a bit lower on our review scale. Nevertheless, a recommendation for animation fans of any age.

Riding the wave of innovation that The Perennial Child contained last year, Cracked Reflection proves that The Infinity Train isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With a new cast of characters, Dennis proves that the most important aspect of the story is the train and focuses on what made the first season so incredible. Following its predecessor, Season 2 continues to impress the fact that animation is one of the best outlets for imagination. - Four out of five.

Are you guys interested in checking out Infinity Train Book Two: Cracked Reflection? Take a look at the trailer and synopsis below and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as always!


The second season of Infinity Train focuses on the emancipated Mirror Tulip ("MT"), now on the run from enforcers attempting to kill her as punishment for abandoning her role as Tulip's reflection. She teams up with Jesse, a new train passenger, as well as Alan Dracula, a silent deer with a variety of powers.

Infinity Train Book Two: Cracked Reflection is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Noggin Amazon Channel, Sling TV, Cartoon Network, DIRECTV or for free with ads on Tubi TV and Cartoon Network.
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