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New Wolverine and the X-Men trailer!
Fans have been dying to know what to expect from the new series so we've dissected the new clip posted on Marvel.com which reveals an action-packed plot, an ASTONISHING team, and an INCREDIBLE surprise!

Mohad Ali - 5/8/2008

TRAILER: Wolverine and the X-Men
The X-Men are coming back to the small screen, this time in Wolverine & the X-Men, and thanks to the good folks at Cyber-Animation.com, the trailer is now available online. Check it out below.

Jim Littler - 2/4/2008

Invincible Iron Man Explodes Onto DVD Shelves
Do the clothes make the man? Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark's new DVD begs to differ.

Mohad Ali - 1/23/2007

Updates on Wolverine, X-Men Cartoons
Here's the latest on what's in store for fans of mutant animation.

Bob Gough - 5/12/2006

Dormammu to be Doctor Strange Toon Foe
The Lord of the Dark Dimension will be the villain in the upcoming animated movie.

Bob Gough - 2/6/2006

Details of New Wolverine, X-Men Toons
Here's some news about the upcoming series about Marvel's merry mutants.

Bob Gough - 12/14/2005

Fantastic Four Toon Gets X-Writer
Christopher Yost, scribe for Marvel's New X-Men comic, has been tapped to do the animated series of Marvel's first family. Plus, see the first promo poster!

Bob Gough - 11/3/2005

Wolverine gets own Cartoon Series
First Serve Toonz to produce new X Men Cartoon.

Joshua Bryan - 10/18/2005