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The Batman Meets up With HAWKMAN
An upcoming episode of The Batman features fellow super hero HAWKMAN

Cathie Horlick - 2/6/2008

Mirror Master on The Batman
Actor John Larroquette will be voicing Mirror Master on an upcoming episode of The Batman.

Cathie Horlick - 9/4/2007

The Batman: Season Finale Images
Check out 3 images from The Batman season finale.

Will Torrey - 4/24/2007

Warner Home Video has posted a preview of The Batman: The Complete Third Season, due in stores on Tuesday, April 10

Will Torrey - 4/3/2007

The Batman: Enter Nightwing!!
Check out a image for a incoming episode of The Batman featuring Nightwing.

Will Torrey - 12/17/2006

Allison Mack joins THE BATMAN yet another DC comics role!

Steve Renton - 10/2/2006

REVIEW: The Batman Complete Second Season
DVD set released September 26th

Steve Renton - 9/29/2006

Batgirl Jealous of Robin in Batman Toon
This season's arrival of Robin has Batgirl on edge.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

New Justice League, Teen Titans Toon News
Warner Home Video announced some exciting new animation projects for the DC Universe.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

More DC Universe Toons Coming
Potentially good news for fans of Justice League animation.

Bob Gough - 6/27/2006

Teen Titans 2, Batman 2 DVD Details
The second seasons of these super-toons come out Sept. 26.

Bob Gough - 5/26/2006

Coming: Ultimate Avengers 2, Iron Man, Teen Titans Tokyo Movies!
Cartoon Network revealed its new lineup including some cool superhero action movies!

Bob Gough - 3/3/2006