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Invincible Iron Man Explodes Onto DVD Shelves
Do the clothes make the man? Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark's new DVD begs to differ.

Mohad Ali - 1/23/2007

Avengers/Iron Man Combo DVD Boxset is coming!!
Lionsgate has announced it will be releasing a Marvel Animated Features Gift Set series on DVD on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Will Torrey - 12/24/2006

Animated Iron Man TRAILER and updates
Calling it a "battle of modern technology versus eastern mythology", Marvel.com recently released a new trailer for its upcoming origin story, along with a handful of high-powered screenshots.

Mohad Ali - 11/25/2006

Doctor Strange Toon Preview News
Check out Ultimate Avengers 2 for a sneak peek at the animated Master of the Mystic Arts.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

Iron Man Cartoon Previewed on Ultimate Avengers 2
Look for a sneak peek at the animated Golden Avenger on the DVD.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD Details
Screenshots of the menus from the upcoming Marvel release feature the Black Panther, Cap and others.

Bob Gough - 7/6/2006

Ultimate Avengers 2 Web Site Live
Check out the Rise of the Panther now online.

Bob Gough - 6/23/2006

Ultimate Avengers 2 Coming Aug. 8
Plus, news for fans of the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons.

Bob Gough - 5/17/2006

Coming: Ultimate Avengers 2, Iron Man, Teen Titans Tokyo Movies!
Cartoon Network revealed its new lineup including some cool superhero action movies!

Bob Gough - 3/3/2006

New Clip from Ultimate Avengers
There's a Hulk-sized load of new stuff about the upcoming DVD on the Web.

Bob Gough - 2/14/2006

New Ultimate Avengers Pics Online
Here's six new graphics from the upcoming straight-to-DVD animated movie.

Bob Gough - 1/30/2006

New Ultimate Avengers Trailer Online
There's a new teaser trailer for the upcoming DVD now online.

Bob Gough - 1/26/2006