The 2003 CGI series Spider-Man, The New Animated Series is coming back to television on the multi-platform kids' entertainment service Kabillion.

Coming on May 1st Spider-Man, The New Animated Series which started Neil Patrick Harris, as Peter Parker/Spider-Man will debut on both Kabillion On-Demand (on Comcast and Bresnan Cable systems nationwide) and Kabillion's broadband site,

"We are continuing to bring great new programming and content to our ever-growing audience," said Bill Schultz, CEO of Kabillion. "We will also create a host of other multi platform opportunities around this exciting show, giving both the fans and the marketing partners who want to reach them a place to congregate. In addition, we will also be helping to promote the all-new Spider-Man series on the CW network's Kids' WB broadcast platform."

Spider-Man, The New Animated Series first premiered in 2003 on MTV and was produced by Mainframe Entertainment. Here's Sony Pictures Television's descrption of the show:

"College student Peter Parker battles with a variety of super-villains as Spider-Man, while trying to find a way to balance his personal life, including his girlfriend Mary Jane (Lisa Loeb), his part-time job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, and his editor (Keith Carradine) who is convinced Spider-Man is a criminal that must be brought to justice. Ian Ziering also stars as Peter's best friend and secret nemesis Harry Osborn."

Cathie Horlick