Disney Producing New Animated Series for Japan

The Walt Disney Co. is teaming up with Japanese companies to produce new animated programing for Television in the Japan Market.

Disney will team up with the companies Toei Animation Co., Madhouse Co. and Jinni's Animation Studios.

The movie for appealing to the Japanses market is to gain a wider auidence.

"We need to make contents which fit the Japanese market to further boost the popularity of Disney in Japan," she said.(The story source is keeping anonymity to stay within company rules.)

First in the line up with Madhouse Disney plans to produce "Stitch!" a 30-minute TV program similar to the "Lilo & Stitch" series, which will be changed to feature a Japanese girl named Hanako with Stitch a southern Japanese island.

"Fireball," is the seires to be produced with Jinni, and it will air in April on Disney's cable channel and Tokyo Metropolitan Television.

Lastly there's "Robodz," with Toei Animation,
which is a short animation expected to hit airwaves in June.

Cathie Horlick
Source: Yahoo! News