DVD: Avatar Book 3, Volume 2

The second volume of the awesome Avatar cartoon series is out, and Aang has even more hurdles to leap before he becomes the fully realized Avatar...

As the kids continue to prepare for the coming eclipse, Aang and Zuko learn about their shared past, Toph gets into trouble in a small Fire Nation village, and Katara learns a Water bending technique that she wishes she could “unlearn.” The action culminates in the Day of Black Sun. The long-awaited invasion of the Fire Nation will change everything. Or will it?

Chapter 6: The Avatar and the Firelord
In parallel stories, Aang and Zuko both discover the back stories of the relationship between their forefathers, Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin.

Just as Zuko and Aang have an unusual relationship and history together, we see that the Avatar and a Firelord in the past also had a similar conflicted dynamic in their lifetime. In this episode, we see the epic tragedy of Firelord Sozin and Young Avatar Roku's friendship.

Chapter 7: The Runaway
When Toph gets obsessed with pulling dangerous scams, Katara worries that her behavior is endangering the whole group.

This is a Toph-centric episode where Toph gets wrapped up in the thrill of living with no boundaries. When Katara confronts her about why she is acting-out, issues with Toph's controlling parents begin to surface. Meanwhile, Sokka gets himself a new pet...Hawky!

Chapter 8: The Puppetmaster
In a mysterious Fire Nation town, the kids meet an old woman who turns out to be from the Southern Water Tribe. She takes Katara under her wing, but her tutelage is more diabolical than Katara could ever suspect.

A Katara-centric episode that focuses on the darker side of bending and forces her to ask herself how far she will go to defeat the Fire Nation.

Chapter 9: Nightmares and Daydreams
In the week leading up to the big invasion on the Day of Black Sun, the extra pressure and stress give Aang “anxiety nightmares” and a few other strange symptoms.

Aang is under an incredible amount of stress! His strange behavior and sharp mood swings are reactions to the incredible pressure that’s been building on him over the course of his adventures. From Aang’s perspective, this is the final episode – the only chance he’ll have to catch the Fire Lord with his guard down. He knows he will either come out victorious, or perish in the attempt.

Chapter 10: The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion
Sokka’s invasion plan is finally put into action. But during the battle, Hakoda is injured and Sokka must take over as leader of the rag-tag invasion forces. Meanwhile, Aang heads off alone to face the Fire Lord.

This episode is the long-anticipated, action-packed invasion of the Fire Nation. A host of old characters return, new vehicles and weapons are revealed, and Sokka takes on his most demanding leadership role yet.

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