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About ComicBookMovie.com and the BLF Network

ComicBookMovie.com is a fansite portal reporting news and information about current Hollywood projects that bring comic characters to the big screen.

ComicBookMovie.com is a part of the Best Little Fansites network of "search optimized" entertainment websites with a focus upon the pop-culture genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comics.

ComicBookMovie.com launched in January 2002 as an experiment in search engine optimization and has become the backbone of a search optimized network of fansites yielding hundreds of #1 and top 10 rankings in all popular search terms for each property targeted. It's growing family of satellite fansites feed each other popular traffic, and have developed a vast community of fans.

ComicBookMovie.com's satellite sites are currently...

More properties will be added as they come into pre-production.

Copyrights and trademarks for the film and related entertainment properties mentioned herein are held by the respective owners of said properties.

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